Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My turn: blogging on BITCH

Having read Melissa's previous commentary on the latest issue of BITCH, I have to put my two cents in, as well. (I haven't seen the movie 300, and having read both the article and Melissa's comments, I don't intend to bother. . .)

What really got my feminist dander up was the article on America's Next Top Model.

In the article entitled "Evil Dead: Feminist bloggers bring the hammer down on Top Model necrophilia," Jennifer Pozner writes of how the "models" were given an assignment to pose as dead girls--more specifically, as victims of violent crimes. The "poses" consisted of women "splayed out in cold concrete corridors, back alleys, and bathtubs, their faux-bloodied, lifeless limbs positioned provocatively" (Pozner 14).

Ugh. When is mass media/popular culture going to stop glamorizing violence against women? I'm not going to get super-annoying and start quoting the statistics on violent crimes against women (and children, too--especially young girls). All you really need to do is turn on the news. You'll see what I'm talking about.

This kind of thing makes me just a tad sick to my stomach.

Violence against women (even when it's staged and labeled "art") is not erotic. It's not sexy.

It's horrible.

Again, thanks BITCH, for calling foul on ANTM. I'm going to renew my subscription. Like, today.

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Melissa said...

I remember watching this particular episode during an ANTM marathon. Usually I consider the show to be kind of mindless fun, but I remember how disgusted I was when I was watching the pretty dead girl photo shoot. It's so demeaning to women that the show decided to perpetuate an age-old stereotype. It reminded me of a quote by a famous horror film director....was it Hitchcock? I don't remember, but the quote went something like "there's nothing more entertaining in film than killing beautiful women". I know I totally botched the wording, but that's what that episode reminds me of. Sickening.