Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm a dork, but I found some really cool stuff....

So I spent the better part of today flipping through some old photo albums that belonged to my grandmother, just looking for a few random vintage photos to scan and use in a few art projects for the blossombones site. What started out as a casual thing turned out to be such a great experience. I found too many amazing photos to post here - so many in fact that I ended up writing six poems and am considering doing some kind of a series connecting poems with the photos. Here are just a few of the best ones that I found:

I'm pretty sure that this is a photo of my grandmother and one of her friends. I love this one because you can see how close these women are. Plus I just love their dresses!
I instantly loved this photo of my grandmother dressed up and waiting at the airport.
This is a photo of my grandmother and my mom when she was a little girl, and it's probably my favorite picture of all time. I love my mom's funny face, but I also think my grandmother's expression is so sweet.
At first glance, this is just a random picture of some cats chasing each other, but when I found out that my mom took this when she was a little girl it meant so much more. If there's one thing that everyone knows about my mom it's that she loves animals. She's the type of person who will pull a U-ie in a busy intersection to scoop up stray dogs. When I saw this picture I thought it was so cool to see that her love of animals started early. I just think this picture is so cute, and it makes my mom even more of a real person. Not that she's not real, duh, but it was neat for me to think about her running around after cats as a little girl.

This was a really dorky entry. Oh well, I'm just glad that I found some inspiration somewhere. It's not everyday that I can crank out six poems that are actually pretty decent. After some editing I might have myself a little mini-series of sorts. Plus I'll have some more art for the site, which I'm sure will be much appreciated!!! The site looks so amazing already thanks to Susan's hard work, so all of you should go check it out! And submit too!


Susan said...

Melissa, these pictures are fantastic! I can see why they inspired you to write a series of poems!

I can't wait to see your poems!

The pictures got me thinking. . .maybe we should add an "art gallery" and/or "photo gallery" section to the site. . .

What do you think?

Melissa said...

I think that's a great idea!