Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Just a quick update...

First off, and I can't believe I didn't mention this earlier, I am (kind of) an aunt! My boyfriend's sister just had a baby girl. Her name is Cadence, and I have yet to meet her. We are going to hopefully at least see her later tonight. So yay, that's good news.

I have to admit that throughout this whole baby process that I'm kind of nervous about this whole baby thing. Yeah, I know it's not my kid, but babies in general make me really nervous. Maybe even kind of afraid! I have never held a little teensy baby before, with the exception of my sisters when they were babies and then I'm sure it was an act of coercion, because I am afraid that I will break them. And there's no way you'll catch me straight up lifting a tiny baby up from a crib or when they are in a lying down position - too scary! Not that I think that I completely lack maternal instincts - I obviously need to have some in order to be as overprotective as I am towards my sisters; I think I'm just too neurotic/clueless about babies. There's just too much to do wrong when it comes to them, you know? And if they need something, they can't tell you - they just scream and cry. If I ever have to watch Cadence for any reason, let's hope that at least for now there's a co-babysitter involved.

In other news, I was dorkily doing a search for art on various sites so that I could come up with ideas for the look of the in-production blossombones site and I found this on etsy. All of her prints are AWESOME!!!!! I only wish that I were that artsy and talented. So of course now I'm having to talk myself out of buying a bunch of her prints. She has one of Enid from Ghost World, and Amelie, and another chick....sooooo cool!

I'm so looking forward to the launch of the blossombones site! The more we accomplish putting it together the more excited I become! Yay!


Susan said...

Cool prints. The first one you posted a link to is my favorite--the one that's a kind of dryad or nymph figure (fabulous!).

Actually, it kind of makes me want to take an art class! (I used to paint and draw, but haven't really done anything interesting with that kind of traditional visual art in years. . .)

Melissa, take if from an "experienced auntie": don't fret about the baby. . .I'm sure you'll be fine. (Just remember: If you are sitting down while you hold her, you probably won't be able to drop her!) But seriously, that is lovely news. I am glad your ("sort-of") niece is doing well. Cadence is such a pretty name, too.

Melissa said...

Yeah, I love the artwork too! I was thinking and I wonder if I contacted the artist through etsy if she would be willing to contribute art to blossombones. I just love the women/fairy tale element to her work. You should check out more of her pieces on etsy, I SO want to buy some of the prints! And if she'd be willing to contribute some artwork, that would be amazing! And I've always wanted to take a painting class too because I'm clueless!

Also, I guess I spelled the baby's name wrong - it's Kaidence. And she's very, very cute!