Monday, September 28, 2009

New Literary Journals!

Hello all!

Just a reminder: blossombones is closed to submissions until February, when we will reopen with some new guidelines, so keep an eye on the blog for updates! I know we've been remiss in posting regularly. Life is crazy, yo.

If you are looking for places to send your poetry and prose, please consider a few cool new journals on the literary scene:

The Medulla Review is taking submissions through September 30th! You should totally send them some of your wordtastic genius.

You might also consider submitting to A Trunk of Delirium

I'm pretty sure a website is under construction! In the meantime, they are open to submissions via email, so I'm posting the guidelines below:

A Trunk of Delirium is a new bi-annual publication of literary and artistic works seeking the finest available from both established and as yet known creators. A subsidiary of Le’ Pink Elephant Press, we open the lid to accept poetry, prose, flash fiction, reviews, interviews, translations, essays, plays, and artworks of all printable forms. Submissions are now giddily accepted at

Editors: Suzanne Savickas & Cheryl Townsend
Publication will be in both web space and print, the later being perfect bound and truly a delight to behold.
Subscriptions $15.00

We want what we want. We don't want what you don't want. No discards, please. We may be a trunk, but we're not a trash bin.
We like edgy. We like taking chances. We appreciate wordplay, as long as it's new and we're envious. Shock us with your creativity. Make us worship your innovative liberties with language. Please limit poetry to 7 poems at a time and we'd really, really prefer they be within the e-mail...NOT sent as 7 separate attached documents. If you do send your submission as an attachment, please paste them all into one. Then send them on with "poetry" and your name in the subject line of the e-mail.

We do not want anything racist, sexist, homophobic, or even insinuating as such. We cringe at rhymed verse and "phone txt" cutesisms.

We also accept fiction, reviews, interviews, translations, hybrid, prose poetry, and artworks. These may be sent as an attachment with their genre and your name in the subject line of the e-mail. We like letters, so feel free to blather away when submitting. Tell us how you heard about us & why you want to be in the trunk. We also like hearing how amazingly gorgeous we are and gladly accept presents of priceless art, musical CD's, chocolates and eco cars.

Send your submissions to

*Happy Fall Submitting!!*