Sunday, August 31, 2008

You know you want to...

Anyone out there in Blossombonesland who is looking for some new poetry to read, look no further!

Oo la la, my preciously delicious poetry baby, the fire-wife , is hot and ready courtesy of Dancing Girl Press! Find it here!

I am beyond thrilled at the final product - I cannot thank Kristy Bowen enough!

For those who are curious, the collage on the chap cover is one of my very own :)

I am so proud of the chapbook - check it out!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where we're at...

Still reading through poetry submissions for the winter issue, which is taking me a while. If you haven't heard back yet, thank you for your patience!

Also: I'm closing up submissions to our fall special issue (digital chapbooks by women poets) early, due to the overwhelmingly positive response. Seriously, there are so many collections that I think are beautiful, and I probably can't take as many as I'd like already. We *might* end up doing one in the fall and another in the spring...We'll see.

At any rate, if you're thinking of submitting for fall, try and do so this weekend. We'll be accepting submissions through Monday, September 1st. I'll update the website later on today.


Ben Pealer's new online journal Rustblind, is now taking submissions of fiction and poetry. From the editors:

"We feel that there aren't enough purveyors of wild eyed lit. The kind of raving images that the world needs....Rustblind seeks ambitious and vivid songs from this chaos."

Do check them out...and send them some lit, too!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pics from the DGP reading last Friday....

What an awesome night! Last Friday I read at the Dancing Girl Press studio in Chicago with Leigh Stein, who is a KICKASS poet. The reading went really well, my friends and family were there, and I got a glimpse at my new chapbook, which should be available for purchase sometime very soon!

It's been such an exciting time for me in my writing life - my chapbook is coming out, I'm out of my 6 month funk and writing almost every day, and I'm really getting to focus on having fun with each piece I write. I'm sending poems out for consideration again, which I don't think I've done on a regular basis since late last summer. It's just a great feeling to do something that I really love!

In blossombonesland, we are giddy looking at the lineup so far! As you can see from Susan's last post, our next issue is going to seriously rule. And there's still time left to submit!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Partial list of contributors for blossombones #3 and deadline reminders...

blossombones #3, forthcoming in January 2009!

poetry and prose by:

Margaret Bashaar

Athena Dixon

Sara Hilary

Amy Hinrichs

Daniela Olszewska

Kristen Orser

Amy Pence

Toni Scales

Erin Elizabeth Smith

Susan Yount


There's still time to submit. We're reading for issue #3 through November 1st!


Also: we are accepting submissions for our fall "digital chapbook" issue through September 15. Be sure to check the website for submission details.

We look forward to reading your work!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Last week at Myopic...


Melissa reads poems from her soon-to-be released chapbook The Fire-Wife.

Lauren reads poems from Marriage Bones.

Melissa, Simone, Susan, and lots of very cool books.