Thursday, December 4, 2008

backlogged :(

We've received a flurry of queries this week, directly following the publication of our digital chapbook issue.

To everyone who submitted work and has been waiting patiently (for quite a bit longer than our projected response time of 3-4 months), thank you!

We got pretty backlogged this time around, with two separate issues being planned (and designed!), so reading the winter subs got slightly pushed back for these last couple of months. Apologies!

We've set up organized reading periods for this coming year to help keep us on track so we can respond more promptly. As for now, I plan to get started reading (and re-reading) everything still under consideration asap.

If you're still waiting for an email, expect a response from me within the next few weeks.

The winter 2009 issue is scheduled to go online February 1st.

Monday, December 1, 2008

An Introduction to the Archetypes

Now available from Shadowbox Press!


Check out that cover art! Kudos to Melissa Culbertson for her awesome collage skillz :)

Also, two new poems are up at Mannequin Envy.

Today=Woo Hoo!