Monday, July 2, 2007

Postcard and a little about Saturday night!

I figured that I would update since I have neglected to do so in awhile! I was happy to wake up to a fiction submission in my blossombones email box! Woo hoo! It looks like relentless plugging of the site Saturday night is starting to work. Saturday night Susan and I brought our husband and boyfriend to the B.Y.O.P. Guild Complex event and it was a pretty fun time! Simone Muench, who has been SO supportive of Susan and me and who has been promoting blossombones madstyle, curated the event. She was so kind to make several announcements encouraging people to submit. Susan and I also made some lovely postcards with blossombones info and they seemed to be a hit as well (I posted it above! Well the front side at least, because if you're reading this blog, chances are you've visited the site and you're going to submit anyway!).
I couldn't mention the event Saturday without talking about the hilarious Jason Bredle, who ended the night on the best note. I'd only heard of him before, so getting to hear him read some of his pieces aloud was such a surprising - in the BEST way - experience! His attention to detail is beyond meticulous, and his comedic timing is so on-point that he had the audience in stitches. I laughed so hard that even today, Monday afternoon, my abs hurt - I have abs in there somewhere! What I especially loved about the pieces that he read is that they were so accessible even to people who aren't necessarily so familiar with poetry. He's the kind of writer that has the potential for serious mass appeal. I will definitely be checking out more of his work ASAP!
Well, today has been quite the lazy day thusfar, though I promise you that I fully intend to get cracking on some new pieces today! I also want to look around for a place to submit a creative non-fiction piece that I wrote awhile ago about my nerdiness and the EPISODE III premiere. Oh yes. I'm totally biased of course, but I think my piece is pretty funny, and since I know that he reads this blog sometimes, I completely have my boyfriend to thank for the inspiration. So thanks babe!

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Susan said...

I have to give Melissa full credit for the beautiful postcards she put together!

(All I did was give a bit of feedback and a little scissors work.....)

BTW, the BYOP poetry event was excellent! All of the readers were terrific.....and I agree that Jason Bredle was hilarious......

Melissa: have you come down with a case of "bredlemania"???