Monday, July 16, 2007

Countdown to Harry Potter 7, Orange Girl, and other happenings!

Oh yes. Only pretty much four days left until I can get my paws on the new Harry Potter book. It will be mine.

For now, I'm reading Harry Potter 5 and 6 before the midnight release party :)

In my excitement, I was thinking back to a couple of years ago while reading the fifth book (for the first time) with my youngest sister and she and I would stay awake late at night and try to guess how the series would end. Well, I remember she and I did a little research online and we found a very elaborate, well-thought theory about a connection between Ron and Dumbledore, and while J.K. Rowling insists that the theory won't pan out, I think it would be an interesting twist in the series regardless! I can't post a hyperlink as far as I know with the Mac OS, so here's the website that explains the theory:

If you're interested, check it out and let me know what you think! I think it's such an interesting idea, and it makes me hope that J.K. ends the series in as interesting of a way!!!

I also couldn't write a post without mentioning the dancing girl press poetry reading that I attended Saturday night! All of the readers were wonderful, and both my sister and I picked up copies of Simone Muench's new chapbook, Orange Girl. I cannot reccommend Orange Girl enough, so everyone should head to the dgp site and pick up a copy! We're talking poetry at its very best, people!

I also have to thank Juliet Cook of Blood Pudding Press for deciding to include my poem "Fleur and the Phantom Limb" in her special project! Thanks Juliet!

This entry just made me realize how often I use the exclamation point to end my sentences.....