Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm still here! I swear!

Hey everyone! It's been a busy, BUSY week or so for me. Between taking the kiddies (my sisters - not my kids, as I have no kids...and technically my sisters aren't really kids either...) to the firework show, getting ready for my sister's birthday (happy b-day Chimmy!), and setting up my brand new beautiful Macbook, I haven't had much time to make an update to the blog! I'm sorry for all of you who read this with feverish excitement, waiting for the updates! I promise to update more frequently from here on out!

As I mentioned above, I just got a Macbook, and let me just tell you that for someone like me who couldn't even almost tell you what a gigabite is, the laptop itself has proven to be very user friendly. It's the whole hooking up of the printer that's giving me issues today. I should've known that anything that preaches "bluetooth capabilities" should stay well out of my hands. Anyone out there in Internetland that happens to read our blog.....help! I have things to print! Like rebates, and poetry to send out!

In other news, things on the homefront have been quite interesting. I hate to mention anything now because the idea is in its absolute infancy - no, actually the idea is more of a pre-infant.....a zygote, if you will - but since it's being talked about then I might as well tell you guys. I might be making a very big move to a very small town. To give you an idea of just how small a town, the name says it all = Krum, TX. A small-ass town in the biggest state in the lower 48. It seems random, and it kind of is, but my mom's whole family lives down there and there's a large university - UNT - about 15 minutes away. So yeah, I'm definitely considering it. For now I'm just trying to get through the summer, hopefully land an internship in Chicago this fall, and finish up my last semester. Of course I'll keep everyone updated if the idea-zygote develops into an idea-fetus or more. Ha, I said idea-fetus :)

Of course I can't update the blog without mentioning the very nerdy Harry Potter MANIA that is currently sweeping through my house! My sisters and I are both going to see the 12:01 show of the new movie tonight - well, technically tomorrow, but whatever. My youngest sister and I are much more excited about reading the last book of the series, which unless you're from the Middle Ages you know comes out on the 20th. My sis and I have a tradition where we race against one another to get through the new Potter book and then we read the last chapter together. I think it's a nice tradition! And yes, I realize that Harry Potter isn't exactly a sophisticated read, nor is it very complicated, but I love the story and let's be honest - we all need a little bit of pop-lit in our lives sometime. Especially when you've been tackling the GRE reading list all summer.....groan.....

As fiction and creative non-fiction editor of blossombones, I have to plug my genres before ending this post: all you prose writers out there should submit! Send me your work guys! Response time from me will be much faster in the summer since I pretty much have nothing better to do besides play Super Paper Mario on my boyfriend's Wii. Come on. Submit. You know you want to!

Lastly, I want to welcome Missy to the blossombones family! She is such a talent and I'm sure she'll keep blossombones lookin' good. Hells yeah.


Susan said...

(I'm so glad you haven't been sucked into a black hole or lost in the fifth dimension or anything!)

Re: your Macbook issues. I think you need to locate the IP address for your printer to set up the bluetooth and/or wireless stuff. Let me check in with my personal "IT" guys for more info...I think we had the same issue with my beloved Mac, and all is working now! (Of course, I foisted these obnoxious set-up tasks on others....for this very reason!)

I am feeling massive guilt about how little I have done to prepare for the GRE thus far....I have been reading fun stuff instead....perhaps I should buckle down and read some very depressing Russian literature or something!


Melissa said...

I hate the GRE! I'm definitely in need of some fun reading, so Harry Potter will definitely be welcome :)

I also added like 100 things to my amazon wishlist today and all of them count as "fun reading"....

And I know what you mean about reading depressing Russian Lit - on deck after Harry Potter is Anna Karenina....