Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Something I love!

People who know me well know that my favorite show of all time is Arrested Development. People who know me also know that I nearly cried when FOX decided to cancel the show, which I still think is completely unfair even to this day.

Well I have discovered something that in some small way is helping heal the wound that was left in place of my beloved show. And it stars George Michael Bluth (his real name is Michael Cera, hence Clark & Michael) which makes it even better!

Clark: ...we need to join some sort of martial arts class.

Michael: Okay.

Clark: get a sensei.

Michael: It's interesting that you said that, 'cause I agree with you with the conviction of seven Arabian princesses.

Sooooooo hilarious to me. Oh yes. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Susan said...

I just checked out out the site for Clark and Michael...pretty funny!

(It reminds me--in some weird kind of way--of Curb Your Enthusiasm.)

I've never seen Arrested Development, though. Maybe I should see if Blockbuster has a rental...