Monday, August 20, 2007

love & hate

So I've decided that blogging is my new favorite method of procrastination.

This week, I'm loving:

1. My cool new houndstooth-check tote bag...for carrying books and other such wonderful things...

2. Dogs

(Why yes, I believe that is my thumb in the corner. Harley doesn't mind. Neither should you.)

3. Reading old anthologies and discovering new poems

4. Funny web comics

And I find myself hating:

1. "Celebrity bump-watch" headlines. Seriously, who cares? I could write an entire blog entry on how much this kind of thing irritates me. Perhaps I will. Later.

2. When stores try to sell poor quality tomatoes in August. There's just no excuse for that. Not when they're in season.

3. The recent influx of spam in my email box. No, I don't need any herbal male-enhancement. How rude of you to ask, unknown spammer.

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