Saturday, September 8, 2007

Susan's moody writer bio

Susan Slaviero writes about dismemberment, existentialist funerary images, peyote dreams, and the absence of color. Her hobbies include hunting for geoduck clams and whittling gravestones from bars of Ivory soap. She can peel an orange with her feet. She once owned a black beret.

She is currently writing her own eulogy, a fragmented narrative constructed entirely in iambic pentameter.


Melissa said...

"Susan Slaviero is a writer living somewhere on the cusp of the hellmouth. She enjoys vermouth, scissors, and dark men who brood and take black-and-white photographs of surgical instruments. Her gaze is often described as "steely". Her favorite day of the week is Wednesday and she loves to pout while reading Charles Dickens. Susan also likes cookies, but only to a point, and someday aspires to write a poetry series about Benthem's panopticon."

Susan said...

Melissa--you are a biographical artist!

And some people describe my gaze as "arachnoid."

Or so I've been told.

Damn. Now I want some cookies.