Sunday, September 30, 2007

In the spirit of women's poetry....'s a cento that I wrote using Mina Loy lines from this book:

Blue Nun: A Mina Loy Cento

The open window is full of a voice
That taught him of earthquakes and women.

Mumbling Mumbling.
The longing and the lack
Of vocabulary;
A thousand women’s eyes
Splinters on the opal angle of the sun
A radium of the word.

(Bad little boy
Licking is larger than mouths)

All quicks and cores
Of lunar lusts
Birth-breaths and orgasms

And feeding upon itself
The animal woman
Who wore lamp-shade red dresses
In the milk of the Moon -

This is the Devil.

Put curtains at our windows
If the shutters were not shut.


Susan said...

Nicely done.

Makes me want to go and read some Mina Loy, too.


CandyDishDoom said...

I like it.