Thursday, September 6, 2007

Blame it on the blood loss...

So I made the most of having to get bloodwork done today. (again!)

I still can't bring myself to rip off that tape. Z. saw me taking a picture of my arm, and said:

"I think you're going a little crazy with this blogging thing."

Anyway, today was my day for going a little crazy. If I have to go out to do something crappy, I like to improve the overall quality of the day and join unpleasant tasks with pleasant ones.

Besides, I had a gift certificate for Barnes and Noble in my bag.

I should never, ever, be allowed to roam free in bookstores. It's dangerous to my bank account.

Exhibit A:

I also went to Trader Joe's (which is way cooler than regular grocery shopping) and bought such awesome stuff as: TJ's organic marinara sauce, pizza bagels, and vanilla bean cake mix. (I also picked up broccoli, but that's not really awesome, is it?)

*I must add that I had every intention of buying GRE prep materials at the bookstore. However, (if you want to get Freudian about it) my id took over, and I bought a bunch of fun stuff instead. I'm blaming it on that little vial of blood taken from my arm almost an hour before book shopping...

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