Friday, September 7, 2007

My crappy mood calls for.....

some moody writer photos....


Susan said...

Hmm. Very moody indeed. These would look fabulous on a book jacket, though.

You should create a moody writer bio to go with the pictures. Maybe something like:

"Melissa Culbertson writes poetry that appeals to intellectuals. She smokes Gauloises and drinks strong black coffee at midnight. She hates peaches and happy people."


Melissa said...

I'm loving the moody bio idea:

"Melissa Culbertson enjoys writing poetry that inspires head-stratching and causes literal beestings. If, by the penultimate line, you fail to scrunch your brows in utter confusion and/or resist the temptation to cry into the crook of your arm, she is not doing her job.

Melissa enjoys venetian blinds, dark liquor, dimly-lit rooms, and not turning away from the dark threat of grey cumulus. She also likes using words like cumulus. She despises optimistic shapes, preferring the octagon for its complexity."

Boo-yah. Now you need a moody bio!