Friday, October 5, 2007

Well, it's another hot October day (lingering somewhere around 90 degrees here in Chicago...) spent primarily indoors, because the aggressive bees around here freak me out. (I almost abandoned some 100+ dollars worth of groceries yesterday, when they swarmed my cart. Horrible.)

A cancelled meeting left me with a good deal of extra time on my hands today (see also: silver lining) so I worked on Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML this morning, and so far, I think I'm getting it. It's a little strange to be writing tags by hand in a plain text editor instead of using Dreamweaver...but it's all about getting to the CSS stuff! Anyway, I'm hoping to be downright skilled with both HTML and CSS by Xmas...We'll see! (Yep. That's REALLY what I do with my free time.)

I'm also hard at work on a new poetry project. More on that later.

Tomorrow, I'm off to the Goodman Theater to see Passion Play: A Cycle by Sarah Ruhl. I'm looking forward to that, and will post my (amateur) review of the play later this weekend...

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