Sunday, October 28, 2007

"We all go a little mad sometimes..."

Gotta love Norman Bates, especially how creepy Anthony Perkins looks in that old-lady wig and dress.

I'm getting in a Halloween kind of mood--hence the photo--so I've been watching MonsterFest on AMC this weekend. Psycho was on yesterday afternoon. Good Stuff.

I've got to say that overall, I'm a bit disappointed with the lineup of horror movies, though. Yes, I realize that different folks have the rights to show different movies and all that, but it irks me a bit when AMC shows a bunch of sequels while ignoring the (often vastly superior) originals.

Why repeatedly show Scream 3 (admittedly, not a bad movie or anything) without showing 1 & 2 ?

Why show Alien Resurrection but not Alien or Aliens ?

They also appear to be showing only sequels for Friday the 13th and Poltergeist as well...

The whole thing just feels vaguely uneven, and a tad disappointing.

Am I the only one going a little mad over this sequel mania?

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