Saturday, October 20, 2007

For Melissa, who loves a good mystery...

Haircut or fish? The etymology of the word "mullet" has an air of mystery about it...

Interested? I recommend this article, which includes such gems as

"It might seem that mullethead "fool" came from mullethead "fish" (since the naming of human beings characterized by their behavior according to a metaphorical resemblance with animals is common). But mulletheaded "foolish" is recorded from 1857, seven years before mullethead "fish": "The men, for the most part sleepy, ignorant, mullet-headed looking wretches"; so it is not clear whether the fool was named for the fish, or the fish for the fool."

And--as promised, Melissa--I am including this:

I told you I had a girl-mullet. You didn't believe me, did you?


Melissa said...

Oh Susan. Your hair was so feathered. But look how cute you were in your cheerleading uniform! I'd say you were downright adorable!

It's okay, because I also had a haircut that quite resembles a mullet, at least from the front. If I can get my scanner to cooperate, I will send it to you so you can laugh :)

Susan said...

Mmmm. Since we are studying the word "mullet" as a linguistic phenomenon...I should probably mention that the girl-mullet is sometimes referred to as a "femullet".

I can only offer this as a defense: It was, after all, 1986. EVERYBODY had a mullet.

Okay, maybe not everybody, but a whole lotta folks, anyway!