Saturday, September 13, 2008

flu bug

Yep. I guess it's been going around. Been really, really sick for about a week. So--of course--I am woefully behind. Since I didn't get around to updating the website, we're allowing fall subs through September 15, as originally intended. My fault, of course. I apologize for any confusion.

If you've submitted to the fall digital chapbook issue, expect to hear from us by September 30th.

Responses to the winter issue might be a bit slow this time around, due to the extra project. Generally, I like to reply more quickly (within a month or so) but it's just going to take me a little longer this time. *sigh*


I am very excited about the upcoming issue. Submissions have been absolutely fabulous! It's proving extremely difficult to make final selections. I wish I could do more...


P.S. Melissa has a poem up at Sharkforum this week! Go visit :)

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