Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New blossombones, new puppy, and how hypochondria may convince me that I have tomato salmonella...

Summer can be so pretty sometimes!

First off, let me say a big "WOO HOO!" to my homeslice, Susan, who did SUCH a kickass job putting our summer issue of blossombones together! She is a web-maven to the tenth power!!!! Beautiful job Susan!!!! And what an awesome lineup, too - great job to all of our amazing contributors!

I don't know if it's sleep deprivation, the abundance of health food I've been eating lately, or just my normal hypochondriac tendencies (and by normal, I mean normal for me), but my stomach has been KILLING me lately....I am starting to wonder what salmonella feels like....and if I've managed to avoid tomatoes since the start of this stupid tomato scare.....ick.

Anyway, back to cooler stuff.....like new puppies! I got one!

Her name is Lily! She likes Tupperware, nail files, Buffy, bugs, and cheese. I may be kind of a writer, but I can't make those things up. Lily is probably the cutest badass I know. I personally enjoy that her hair is naturally crimped :)

1 comment:

Susan said...

Thanks for the kudos!


Mel, I think if you had salmonella, you'd know it! (I believe it's quite unpleasant.)

And Lily is so cute! I think I have puppy envy.