Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Aliens Savor Us

This anagram finder is awesome! (Found on Brooklyn's blog.)

They claim that "anagrams never lie."

Anyway, here are a few of mine:

Aura Loves Sins

Arouses Veins

A Visual Sensor

Sensual Savior

Avails Runes So

This first amuses me! (Twelve years of Catholic School and all...Sixteen years if you count college...)

And I am handy with a set of runes, as well.

Melissa, Missy...You must give this a go! Post your anagrams and reveal your true selves...


bc said...

Your anagrams are cooler than mine! I need a "v" in my name... My name is now going to be Brooklyn Copevland.

Melissa said...

Yours are MUCH cooler than mine....mine all start with "A"....

A scribe lemon sluts

A crumbliest lesson

A bisects menu rolls

A crumbles lies tons

and my personal favorite....

A climber loses nuts