Saturday, March 8, 2008

Random numbers...

(Okay, the numbers aren't random. My thoughts are...)

1. I think it's possible to have too many blogs. Something always gets neglected.

2. I am behind (a bit) on reading submissions. We've gotten a recent influx of really good stuff! Sometimes I have difficulty making up my mind.

3. Current project: researching facts about the watermelon for a poem. For real!

4. I love reading mysteries and thrillers, but I've gotten too damn good at guessing the ending. Spoils the fun a bit, but I can't help myself! Just finished What the Dead Know(by Laura Lippman), and I guessed the ending (almost to perfection) pretty early on. *sigh* She's one helluva good mystery/crime writer, though.

5. Sometimes, I go for days without leaving the house. Does that make me an agoraphobe?

6. Yesterday I watched 3:10 to Yuma with Z. He's been studying Westerns in his film class, so we kept hunting for the "expected elements" of Westerns: horses, hats (black hats for the villains), guns, swinging saloon doors--it was fun. The movie was lacking an actual hanging, although it did get several mentions. Z. says (*spoiler alert) that it's a Revisionist Western because "the hero does not walk off into the sunset". This amused me, especially coming from someone who didn't speak hardly a word until the age of 4. Pretty cool.

*As an aside, I don't usually like Westerns (although I think Unforgiven is excellent), but I really like this one...Russell Crowe was a more-complex-than-usual villain, which makes the film interesting, and Christian Bale is really, really good at every damn thing.

7. I am thinking of applying for a job that I'm not sure I really want. Why do I do these things?

8. There are so many unread books in my office right now, I don't know what to read next! Yet, I always feel compelled to buy more. It's a sickness.

9. Have been cooking up a storm this week...Yesterday, I made a big batch of fajitas, with homemade salsa and all kinds of good stuff. Man, it was good, especially paired with a Corona and lime. Almost tasted like summer. As I write this, there is snow falling outside my window. I'm so ready for winter to end!

10. P.S. Check out the latest issue (103) of Zygote in My Coffee...I've got a couple of poems in there, along with some awesome and way-cooler-than-me poets...I am sometimes rather thrilled at sharing journal or zine space with people whose work I know?

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