Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Check out all this poesy!

I have two poems--"Payday" & "Lepidoptera, in celluloid"--up at a very cool online journal: Thieves Jargon.

Be sure to pay them a visit, because they are just a little bit spicy!


I also recommend checking out this fabulous review of the Blood Pudding Press zine, [GROWLING SOFTLY]!

Melissa Culbertson gets some kudos for her mad poetry skills!

I have just ordered a copy for myself, which I cannot wait to read...

Also on-order from the wonderful world of etsy:

Planchette by Juliet Cook

Bee Spit by Kristy Odelius

The Partial Autobiography of Jane Doe by Daniela Olszewska

*I can hardly wait for all these goodies to arrive!*

A final note: if anyone is interested in submitting reviews of poetry books or chapbooks, be sure to contact Melissa (via email at this address: melissa [at] blossombones [dot] com)! We are accepting submissions for our Summer 08 issue through May 1st.

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