Sunday, December 9, 2007

technophilia vs. technophobia

Has anyone else been following the news about this new wireless reading device, the Amazon Kindle? I think I might be a little weirded out by the concept (albeit fascinated). No, I don't think I want one, at the moment... (Luckily, because apparently they can't keep them in stock!)

I also think $400 bucks is a bit pricey! (ouch.)

Don't get me wrong...I do like technology...but I also rather like real honest-to-nature paper, too. I can't imagine living in a world without books!

Of course, I'm not suggesting the Kindle represents the end of all libraries, bookstores or publishing houses...but I think the name is intriguing. "Kindle" makes me think of the word "kindling" and by association, the idea that books are just that for those who possibly desire a paperless world...

I suppose the Kindle might be the new iPod, only for books instead of music.

I still buy CDs. Yeah, I know. How very '90s of me!

Speaking of technophilia (and technophobia), I'm pretty excited about getting some new software from adobe. I'm finally getting photoshop and flash! Although I won't have time to put together any funky animations for the January blossombones, I might do something a wee bit playful for the summer issue.

New technology can definitely be exciting, no doubt about it.

Anyway, I'm especially curious to hear what other writers, editors (for both online and print projects), artists and poets think of this Kindle business. Any thoughts, folks?

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