Friday, October 24, 2008

From the reading last weekend at Woman Made Gallery...

What an honor to read with such a fabulous bunch of women poets! More pics are up at Switchback Books.


I'm spending the next couple of weeks designing the fall issue of blossombones...We've got three absolutely beautiful digital chapbooks going up next month, and I can't wait for them to go live!

Somewhere in there, I hope to get back to reading submissions for winter 2009--The deadline is November 1st, so if you're planning to submit, please do so sometime next week...We'll likely close down for subs in the next couple of months, and re-open submissions in February, for the spring issue. We're going to have two reading periods: August 1st-November 1st and February 1st-May 1st. Hopefully, this will help us stay organized and keep blossombones from getting backlogged with submissions.

Hope everyone is enjoying autumn!

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