Thursday, January 17, 2008

writers' block

So I finally wrote a poem (and a half) after about six weeks of nothing...haven't even been journaling, which I REALLY ought to be doing. Felt good to write again after such a block of dry time.

Everybody gets it, of course. The question is How Do You Deal With It?

Usually, I journal if I'm not formally "writing" but that didn't work this time around. Wasn't even reading at my usual rate: around a book a day--which equals a couple hundred of pages--depending on the length, finishing something can take an afternoon, a couple of evenings, whatever, with several books going on at once. Not lately.

Lots of sudoku though. Helps ease anxiety.

Anyway, I am (hopefully) going to be reading and scribbling regularly again...including blogging...this poor blog has seemed a tad deserted lately!

I am currently reading Woman On the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy. I think it's a pretty good sci fi / ecofeminist novel. Almost makes me want to write a lit paper again. Almost.

Speaking of ecofeminism, this kind of freaks me out.

Shouldn't it? It just seems creepy, no matter how they describe it... Especially since they don't have to disclose what it is you're eating...

Also saw Sweeney Todd last week, (speaking of scary meat), which was very, very twisted. But in a good way, if you like weirdness.

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